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School Updates Bullying Policy

As the skit went on, Malcolm would ‘play pranks’ like pushing PJ into Natalie, pinching PJ’s pressure points and stealing PJ’s homework. It got to the point where PJ was afraid to go to school and spent an entire day at the nurses office. Eventually, he cracks, and tells Natalie what’s going on hoping she can help. She shares a story about when she was bullied online by a different girl at school, and then encourages him to tell a teacher about his problems.

Тhomastown Prioritizes 8-item List for Community Development Strategy

In anticipation of an upcoming public hearing regarding the town’s application for a regional community development block grant, the selectboard Monday identified and prioritized a list of eight items to be included in an updated community development strategy.

Pipeline group organizing actions

KIMBALL – The Kimball Pipeline Action Group met Thursday evening to a packed room at the Millers River Environmental Center to further organize and present updates on the proposed Kinder Morgan Pipeline Project.

Large-scale Layoffs at Rodney Hunt Confirmed

Town Administrator Diana Schindler on Wednesday updated the selectboard on the status of Rodney Hunt, having just attended a meeting of the Massachusetts Office of Business Development.

Hudson Will Get Reverse 911 System

Fire Chief Dennis Annear announced at the Dec. 3 selectboard meeting that Hudson will be signing up for a reverse 911 system. Selectman Kathy Reinig noted that no new funds will need to be appropriated for the program, as they were already in the budget.

Hudson Will Bring Feasibility Study Request to Voters

HUDSON – The Elementary School Building Committee met Monday to determine how to move forward after the narrow defeat of a request to fund a feasibility study. As Chairman Patrick Davis noted Hudson is the first town ever to vote down funding for such a feasibility study.

Kimball Votes to Pursue Website Service

KIMBALL – At Monday night’s meeting of the selectboard, recommendations for a new hosting service for the town’s website were heard. Virtual Town Hall was the top recommendation by selectboard administrative assistant Rhonda Whitney. She has had demonstrations of both Virtual Town Hall and another service, Civic Plus.