Kimball Native Ned King to Play at Iron Horse


KIMBALL – Kimball native Ned King and his band LuxDeluxe will hit the Iron Horse Music Hall on Saturday, at 10 p.m. This will be their last show in the valley before they head out on tour in support their new album “It’s a Girl.” The month-long tour will have them taking a loop down South and then to the Midwest before coming back to the valley just before Thanksgiving. Opening for Lux will be Boston’s own Air Traffic Controller.

Lux’s latest release “It’s a Girl” has been getting great reviews from the press with music critic George Lenker having this to say in a recent column in the Springfield Republican: “LuxDeluxe steeps their music in classic rock waters then adds a modern touch to create a near-perfect sound for just about anyone with ears.” The album has been getting plenty of air play too, with radio host Michael Sokol of 93.9 The River raving that, “LuxDeluxe is so good live they’ll melt your face!”

You can contact the band directly through their Facebook page for discounted tickets before the show. Tickets should be also available at the door. “We’ve got a few tickets set aside for our fans,” said Ned King, frontman and lead singer for the band, “but get a hold of us right away, because our last show at the Horse was sold out and it looks like this one will go the same way!”